Rated 5 out of 5
31 July 2023

Hello! My name is HamletMachine and I am an erotic comic artist from NYC.

I was invited to YaoiGeneration for the first time in 2017 as a guest of honor and it was a wonderful experience! I adore this convention and the kind team who runs it – I have returned for a video conference in 2020, and again as a guest of honor in 2022.

The wonderful family and friends who organize this convention do it out of communal love for the genre and they took great care in all aspects of the event: from attentive communication, arranging travel plans, hospitality, and of course, any requirements at the table. Everyone is dedicated and exceptional at their work. As a guest, I was truly impressed by their care.

As a visiting foreigner, I was at a disadvantage to not know the language or the country, but the team at Yaoi Generation were able to help with logistics and make the experience very comfortable.

Yaoi Generation is a cozy convention in the picturesque city of Lausanne. It is rich in history and cultural experiences, and also has fantastic shopping (the Yaoi Generation sponsor Tanigami is only blocks from the hotel), as well as excellent food. (I was able to feast as a vegan, so there is a good variety!)

My experiences at Yaoi Generation are very positive and I cherish my memories with the organizers.

Thank you so much!

Hamlet Machine